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Whole Body Enlightening 7 Chakra and Quartz Crystal Pendulum Necklace Set

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The Set

This beautiful set combines the chakra symbols with a crystal quartz pendulum stone to enhance and enlighten all of the chakras.

Chakra Pendant

The silver tone antiqued metal pendant has all of the Chakra Center Symbols engraved on it. Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body. Each represents a different aspect of our being and is connected to a gland. If a Chakra is blocked or weak, it is due to a limiting or destructive thought pattern in the body.

When all Chakras are strong and open, health, confidence, success, love, and all positive aspects of being are in harmony.  

1. Root Chakra - Grounding, Body

2. Sacral Chakra - Relationships, Sexual, Emotional

3. Solar Plexus Chakra -Power, Confidence 

4. Heart Chakra -Unconditional Love, Self-Worth

5. Throat Chakra -Communication, Creativity 

6. Third Eye Chakra -Intuition, Awareness

7. Crown Chakra -Consciousness, Connection to the Universe and Afterlife - Crystal Quartz


Crystal Quartz

Quartz crystal is the stone of the Crown Chakra. It corresponds to all signs of the Zodiac, and the Energy of The Sun.

Natural Crystal Quartz has the ability to store and enhance energy. When combined with other stones, Quartz Crystal amplifies the effects of those stones.

In addition to amplifying energy, it also amplifies thought. Affirmations, wishes, or prayers can be stated and sent out with greater clarity.

It is known as the Master Healer and a stone of purity. All colors of light are stored within Clear Quartz Crystal. This is why tiny rainbows appear when a Crystal Quartz window ornament has a beam of light shine on it through a window.

The Pendulum

The pendulum shape has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. It has been used in religious symbolism, as well as by mystics to tell fortunes.

It is designed to swing freely and responds incredibly well to energy. It is rounded at the top and ends in a point at the bottom. This is thought to focus and concentrate the energy down to the point.

Pendulums are most often used in older styles of clocks. They symbolize the passage of time, and steady motion and progress once energy is applied.

Anyone can stop or start a pendulum, but once that energy is placed on it, it continues to remain in motion or motionless.

Where we choose to put our energy on a moment to moment basis determines our direction, and continually shapes the world around us.

Sizes vary as each pendant is unique, but the average size of this pendant is 20-25 mm, or 1-1 1/4" long, by 12 mm, or 1/2" at the widest point.

Set comes gift boxed.