About Us

Shiva Nirvana Jewelry and Gifts brings you a collection of cherished items from all over the world.

Visiting a foreign land opens the eyes to amazing places, cultures, people, and traditions. Though not all of us can take the time to travel to every corner of the world, we can still learn about these places and their rich history. Treasures such as Tibetan dZi beads, The Good Luck Pig of Chile, or the Mayan Calendar of Mexico can all be found at Shiva Nirvana.

Shiva is a Hindu God of great power. The symbolism of Shiva is mainly a destroyer of corrupt ways and transformer. "Nirvana" is another word for Heaven. So Shiva Nirvana is the destruction of old ways that do not serve humanity to make room for Heaven on Earth.

Among the fears between people are fears of differences and fear of the unknown. Learning about other people and cultures, it becomes apparent that we have so much more in common and far fewer differences than many people realize. We all love and cherish our families and loved ones, and are in awe of the beauty of nature. We use different words to describe these feelings and values, but under the details, the meaning is the same. To love and be loved. 

We purchase directly from the artists themselves, and practice Fair-Trade on all items that we sell. 

Shiva Nirvana is wholly owned and operated by Iko Productions, inc. 



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