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Happiness in Your Life

"The Beauty of Letting Go" Pendants by Doe Zantamata

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Every day, we take in and let go in our physical world. It's natural. To select an apple, eat the fruit, and discard the core. To purchase a product; use what's inside, and discard the packaging. Sometimes those apples are rotten or the product isn't what it was supposed to be. It may be briefly upsetting, but we still let it go...toss it, move on.

Mentally and emotionally, we don't do this so automatically.

In fact, many people hold on to those rotten apple thoughts or disappointing product feelings for years and years. Not about apples or products, but about failure, heartbreak, disappointments, things that seem unfair, and so many more.

Can you imagine if you attempted to carry with you every piece of physical garbage you'd ever held? That is the equivalent of holding on to so many awful thoughts and feelings. 

The Beauty of Letting Go means to FEEL the freedom and lightness of allowing those old thoughts and feelings to be accepted (as in accepting they happened in the past and cannot be changed), and to release them for once and for all.

Leaves on trees live a life on the tree and fall away when their time has passed. They don't cling to the tree and prevent new leaves from beginning and coming through. That would likely hurt or even kill the tree. 

It is natural to let go, for experiences to happen and then pass. And most things are not so light that they drift out once released. They are heavy and burdensome and must be set down. The wave of relief to not have to carry them around anymore is a gift you can only give to yourself.

The photo on the pendant was taken by Doe Zantamata near her home in Central Florida. 

Pendants are 2" tall and 0.5" wide.

The face is hand poured resin. Each pendant is handmade by Doe Zantamata.

Each pendant comes with a black cord necklace with silver tone clasp and comes gift boxed.