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Sterling Silver and Ornate Leaf Earrings

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The leaf is a symbol of happiness.

It is also a symbol of unity. If the tree is the world, then we are all just leaves on the tree. Each one of us is similar but unique. We are all from the same origin, and we will all meet the same end to our time on Earth. We all have our place in the world, just as leaves all have their place on a tree.

The shape of the leaf is ovate, which is similar to the oval shape of both an egg and a seed.

The oval shape is the symbol of birth, rebirth, and the cycle of life. One gives rise to the next. The seed makes the plant, which makes the seed which makes the plant, and so on.

These are symbols of our connectedness to each other, both here, and in the afterlife.


Solid Sterling Silver.


Origin: Bali


These earrings come gift boxed.