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Solid Sterling Silver Moon Textured Earrings

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The moon represents emotions and reflection. It is the brightest light in the night sky, and the visibility of the moon changes daily.

It is a light of focus in the night. Much of our personal reflection occurs right before we sleep, running through the thoughts of the day, or meditating or praying before resting for the evening.

Further reflection occurs in dreams, where our thoughts arrange themselves and organize into vivid movies that are only for us to see.

The moon represents the necessary rejuvenation, rest, and reflection that allows us to align ourselves with the direction of our daily lives. Without this rest and reflection, we would quickly tire and lose ourselves in a flood of thoughts and energy.

This powerful symbol reminds the wearer to balance the output of energy and noise of the day, with rest, peace, and quiet of the night.

These earrings measure 23 mm, or just under one inch in diameter. They are almost exactly the size of a US Quarter.

The Silver is heated in a sheet, then folded to create the textured look, and sealed to the circular disc of silver to create these works of art.

Solid Sterling Silver. 


Origin: Bali

These earrings come gift boxed.