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Silver Toned Pewter Hamsa Hand Pendant

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The Hamsa Hand is also known as the Hamesh, Khamsa, and Chamsa hand. It symbolizes the Hand of God, and is used for protection.

There are Hamsa hands in many religions. The similarities are the thumb and small finger are the same length, and the eye in the center represents protection from the "Evil Eye." This means that what anyone should curse on the wearer, the wearer will be protected, and the curse will go directly back onto the person who made it. This is a very basic idea of Karma as well. In addition to averting the gaze of the evil eye, it brings its wearer or owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

The word “hamsa” or “hamesh” means five. There are five digits on the hamsa hand, but the number five has additional symbolic meaning in the Jewish and Islamic traditions. Five (hamesh in Hebrew) represents the five books of the Torah for Jews. It also symbolizes the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, "Heh", which represents one of God’s holy names. It symbolizes the Five Pillars of Islam for Sunnis, and the Five People of the Cloak for Shi'ites.

Since the Hamsa hand originated in the Middle East before many religions, it's being used as a symbol of peace. It signifies the similarities between all of the religions that have a form of it as one of their symbols.

This Hamsa Hand pendant is approximately 1" tall and 1/2" wide.