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Happiness in Your Life

Sea Turtle Imperial Jasper Earrings

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Sea Turtle Imperial Jasper Earrings

Sterling Silver Hooks lead to an Imperial Jasper Stone, and dangling below is a Sea Turtle charm. 

The Sea Turtle is a symbol of courage to go your own way. Sea Turtles hatch from eggs on the beach, buried beneath the sand. They instinctively run from hatching out to the ocean as fast as they are able. Predators abound, and survival is in no way guaranteed. Once out in the big ocean, they may float for years before one day returning to the beach where they were born to continue the cycle of life and make their own nests. The Sea Turtle symbol is one that encourages you to find your own way back to yourself in life. 

Imperial Jasper Stone is an enhanced stone that begins with Jasper. It is blue in color with beautiful lines that resemble sunlight dancing on top of water in the ocean. Each stone is unique but each are strikingly beautiful.

These earrings represent your life journey. Though life may have started out very lonely and dangerous, and had periods of time where you weren't quite sure what to do. One day, you may feel a call in your soul to pursue a direction that seems backwards but is not. For when you return, you are not the same person who left so long ago. You have become yourself. You have made a long and difficult journey back to you. 

Imperial Jasper beads are 6 mm in diameter, Sea Turtle charms are made of white metal and are 15 mm in length. Lightweight. Earrings come gift boxed and include small rubber backings. 

Jewelry by Doe Zantamata. Unique expressions of you.