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Sanctuary Pendant and Necklace - Queen Anne's Lace

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This beautiful pendant is made from a real Queen Anne's Lace wildflower, pressed between two solid glass half globes. A thin gold-toned wire surrounds the globe and loops at the top for the cord necklace to hold it in place.

Queen Anne's Lace is a Wildflower, and is the flower of the Wild Carrot, an ancestor to our modern carrots. It grows wild in many places in the world and has tiny, outreaching blooms that resemble fireworks. 

The symbolism of this delicate bloom is sanctuary. A sacred place of safety and refuge. Peace and solace in mind and heart. 

The symbolism of the carrot is stability and being rooted in the Earth. Grounded. Regardless of if the world is consumed with chaos, sanctuary can be found within your own mind and heart with a focus on love and gratitude of just this very moment of life itself. 

The story of how it came to be known as Queen Anne's Lace varies slightly, but basically it was that Queen Anne loved to create lace, and she fulfilled a goal to create lace as beautiful as found in nature in a flower. 

Pendant is approximately 3/4" across. 18" vegan leather necklace, plus 22" stainless steel chain are included. Gift boxed.