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"Rise Above It" Amulet Pendant by Doe Zantamata

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A Vintage Hot Air Balloon Soars over the land. Rising above all the strife and squabbles below. Though it may be tempting, engaging with every little argument won't get you anywhere. Rise above it and move forward in life. Keep your focus on the important things.

A single Quartz Crystal is embedded in the forward path of the balloon. Quartz Crystal is a stone of the Crown Chakra, connection to the Divine and the big picture. It corresponds to all signs of the Zodiac, and the Energy of The Sun.

Natural Quartz Crystal has the ability to store, amplify, and enhance energy.

No two are exactly alike. Resin filled and sealed individually. Handmade by Doe Zantamata.

The pendant measures 1" in diameter. The necklace is 18" long.

Pendant is gift boxed.