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Release Affirmation - Original Mixed Media mini canvas Painting by Doe Zantamata

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I release that which no longer serves me. I receive good things with appreciation.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, the only two ways to reprogram our subconscious minds are hypnotherapy or repetition. Affirmations, when practiced regularly, serve as excellent forms of repetition. Hang or display this painting somewhere where you will see it often. Whether you consciously repeat the words or whether you just see it and absorb them subconsciously, they can enter your mind hundreds of times per day. 

This is an original mixed media and acrylic painting on canvas by Doe Zantamata. Signed and titled on the back. 

Size: 3 inches x 4 inches

Comes gift boxed. Mini Easel also included. 

Only 1 available.