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Reiki Heart Pendant - Choku Rei - Red Jasper

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Focus: Making Dreams Real


Origin: India


The Choku Rei is the First Reiki Symbol. It means power and strength. It represents directed energy and purpose.

The spiral is traced from the outer to the inner point, and means "all of the energy in the Universe is directed to and focused on this point."

Red Jasper is a stone of the Root Chakra. Stones associated with the root chakra are red or black in color. They represent the physical world...everything that is real in a person's life. A person may have big dreams, but no results. The Root Chakra is responsible for results in physical form.

Red Jasper is connected to the Element of Fire. It has an Earth energy, meaning it strengthens everything to do with survival; finances, safety, stability, and ease of life in daily situations.

Each pendant is handmade, and so no two are exactly alike. Red Jasper varies from a burgundy red to an almost brown/earthy red color.

On average, they measure 25-30 mm across and tall.

Pendant comes gift boxed.