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Reiki Heart Pendant - Choku Rei - Black Onyx

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Focus: Positive Energy


Origin: India


The Choku Rei is the First Reiki Symbol. It means power and strength. It represents directed energy and purpose.

The spiral is traced from the outer to the inner point, and means "all of the energy in the Universe is directed to and focused on this point."

Black Onyx is a stone of the Root Chakra, and is a grounding stone.

It is also used for it's healing properties. The Black Onyx absorbs negative energy and converts it into positive energy. When used with the mind, one becomes the master of their own destiny. Strength, stamina, endurance, and power are all associated with this stone. Allows for change and detachment, as well as self-control and wise choices and decisions.

Each pendant is handmade, and so no two are exactly alike.

On average, they measure 25-30 mm across and tall.

Pendant comes gift boxed.