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Happiness in Your Life

Red Jasper Cairn "Flow and Release" Amulets by Doe Zantamata

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Red Jasper and Red Crystal are stones of the Root Chakra, Grounding and Physical World. These Amulets have either all Red Jasper or a mix of Red Jasper and Red Crystal.

Red Jasper is connected to the Element of Fire. It has an Earth energy, meaning it strengthens everything to do with survival; finances, safety, stability, and ease of life in daily situations.

Cairns are found at sacred sites all over the world. They are usually stacked stones found nearby and represent patience, balance, building, and inner peace. 

The Beach Background is symbolic of the breath of the Earth. As the tide goes in and out, it flows rhythmically and resembles the breathing of a living being. It represents "going with the flow." That doesn't mean agreeing to whatever another person says, it means to stay aware of current circumstances and not try to force, bend, or change them into what they once were or what you may have wished they were. 

These Amulets look a little like a person seated in meditation. They were made with the intention of a person discovering and leading from their center through connecting to their own intuition, and building their definition of a balanced and happy life around them. For some, that may mean a large family. For others, it may mean a dynamic and enormous career. For others still, it may mean having a certain amount of time each day to create just for yourself. Everyone's dreams and definitions are different, which means there is room for all of them, all of us, in this world. 

Pendants are 1" in Diameter. The face is hand poured resin. Each pendant is handmade by Doe Zantamata.

Each pendant comes with a black cord necklace with silver tone clasp and comes gift boxed.