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Pitcher Conch and Sterling Silver Pendant

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Origin: Bali


Sterling Silver and Pitcher Conch


The Strombus urceus, also known as the Little Pitcher Conch, is the source of this shell pendant.

The Conch is one of the sacred 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism.

In order to be one of the symbols, it must coil to the right, and it must be white in color.

The Conch (shankha), which is also used as a horn, symbolises the deep, far reaching and melodious sound of the teachings of the Buddha, to awaken people from the slumber of ignorance to accomplish enlightenment.

This pendant is detailed and capped in Sterling Silver.

The shell itself is a spiral. The silver detail along the lip of the shell includes many tiny spirals. Spirals symbolize connectedness, awareness, a journey, and expansion.

Connectedness: Whether we examine ourselves, the beginning point of a spiral, or our family, friends, neighbors, city, country, world, or Universe, we are all connected. We are all part of the Universe, the outermost ring of the spiral.

Awareness: Once a person has awakened, he or she begins to recognize more and more the "broader picture" of self, relationships, and life. Things that once bothered a person all but disappear once this is realized, and appreciation of every moment is possible.

A Journey: Every journey, no matter how long, has a beginning point. Our life journey begins when we are born, and continues all throughout our lives. Even if we are content with life and do not wish to change, change still occurs. We are constantly learning and adapting to our changing environment.

Expansion: Relating closely to awareness, expansion is the act of increasing our presence here on Earth. Being a more active member of our community, helping others, learning, and inspiring others to do the same.

This large pendant measures 35 mm wide x 60 mm long, or approximately 1.2" wide x 2.5" long.

Pendant comes gift boxed.