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Pink Lotus Flower Wearable Art Handmade Glass Pendant and Necklace

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Origin: India


This handmade glass pendant measures 1.5" in diameter. The necklace is 18" long .


In Buddhism, the Lotus flower is a strong symbol of the path to enlightenment.

The lotus roots are in the mud, which represents our birth and struggle. The stem goes through the water, which is the path and our life experiences…easier than the mud, but still difficult to hear and moving in slower motion than through air. The flower of the lotus rises several inches above the water surface, and is free in the air and sunshine.

It could not exist without the roots and stem, as we cannot achieve true enlightenment without coming up through the struggle and lessons of our lives.

Everyone has struggles, but not everyone chooses to see them as lessons and be grateful for everything they have. Those who do, will find it easier and easier to be happy and at peace in their daily lives, and to be a peaceful influence on others.

Pink Lotus

The white lotus is most common, and blue and red lotus flowers also exist. The most prized lotus is the Pink Lotus, usually reserved for deity, and associated with the Buddha himself. To wear the Pink Lotus is to signify that one is on their path, with the ultimate goal of being truly enlightened; at complete peace with themselves and the world.

Glass is made of sand. In nature, glass is made when lightning strikes sand, or when volcanoes erupt. The extreme heat and energy cause glass veins to form deep into the ground. This is also symbolic of enlightenment, as what begins as very common and cloudy sand (birth), when shaken up and heated to extreme temperatures (struggle), does not turn to ash, but instead becomes clear and beautiful(enlightenment), a miracle of nature.

Beneath the lotus flower are Goldstone accents, representative of the treasures in each of the experiences in life.

Comes with a faux leather necklace with clasp, gift boxed.