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Pewter Self-Confidence Charm Keychain

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Patience, Self Confidence, and Intuition Charm Keychain

This combination of Ancient Rune and Animal Totems is perfect for someone who has just entered a new chapter in their lives…a wedding, a new job, a graduation…

The Bear represents patience and strength

The Ancient Rune is of Self Confidence

The Grasshopper is a symbol of trusting your intuition and leaping forward. The grasshopper does not leap backwards! It is also a symbol of good luck.

Whether as a gift or for one’s self, these wishes on a keychain will be a daily reminder to think of the patience, self confidence, and trusting intuition in your life. What you show gratitude for, or what you focus your thoughts on, always increases. As the owner of these charms will use their keys every day, their thoughts will several times per day be on increasing their patience, self confidence, and trust of their own intuition.

This Charm Keychain comes gift boxed.