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"Peaceful Abundance" Elephant and Natural Serpentine Stone Necklace Set

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Peaceful Abundance

Some people tend to think of abundance as meaning "money." Abundance means having more than enough. Abundant love, abundant happiness, abundant food, friends, and yes, money and material things as well. It is the opposite of scarcity and lack. An abundant life is not greedy, it means you have enough for yourself and more than enough to share. Welcome abundance into your life with appreciation.

Natural Serpentine Stone

Serpentine is also called "New Jade" and is a stone of the Heart Chakra, unconditional love for self and others. Calming and with ease, allowing love to flow in to and through your heart means all of your decisions, thoughts, and choices will be made out of love. What goes in comes out. What goes out flows back in.

The water drop shape of the pendant has two meanings; one of course for tears. Tears don't represent sadness. They represent the release of sad emotions. The drop is also the shape of a raindrop, which is nourishment from above for all of life to grow and thrive here on Earth. 


The Elephant is a symbol of strength. It is also a symbol of abundance. The trunk up is a symbol of luck. Elephants are peaceful animals, but also very strong and will defend themselves or their loved ones if need be with a thundering stampede of determination. After the threat has passed, they return to peace. 

The elephant pendant is 1.0" long and 0.5" tall. The Serpentine is 1" long and 0.5" wide. The pendants come on an 18" vegan leather cord with clasp.

This set comes gift boxed.