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Obsidian and Sterling Silver Earrings

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Obsidian is also known as Volcanic Glass. It is glass that is formed naturally as a volcano erupts. Obsidian collected from around active volcanoes can vary in color. If it has come from the top of the volcano, it will be black, or black with white spots. If it has come from the base of the volcano, it will be more clear, with a green tint from Magnesium that is present.

Obsidian in the physical sense is fire energy of the earth released, heat cooled off, and the creation of a new glass form.

Symbolically, this is powerful energy released which was once expressed as anger, but now is expressed calmly and with clarity. Green represents the Heart Chakra.

Obsidian is known in healing circles as having the properties of truth-enhancing, protection from negative energy, and releasing of childhood traumas and emotional blockages that have remained long after childhood has passed.

Wearing obsidian as earrings creates a balance on the left and right side of the brain, positively affecting both the logical and abstract thought patterns.

These earrings are capped with Sterling Silver 0.925, and they are a large size, measuring 40 mm, or 1.5" in length, not including the hooks. Because they are glass in nature and not stone, they are still relatively lightweight even at this larger size.

These earrings are perfect for one who is ready to let go of negative experiences from the past that keep making themselves known in the present. They are a reminder to stay calm even the the presence of old triggers of anger. The triggers are there to let a person know that they have not fully let go. Once they have fully let go, the triggers will no longer bother them. It will be as if they hear a sad story about someone else. They will still have compassion for the old self, but nothing from the past will be able to limit them in the present or future anymore.

Origin: Bali

These earrings come gift boxed.