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Natural Quartz Crystal and Rudraksha Bracelets

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Quartz crystal is the stone of the Crown Chakra. It corresponds to all signs of the Zodiac, and the Energy of The Sun.

Natural Crystal Quartz has the ability to store and enhance energy. When combined with other stones, Quartz Crystal amplifies the effects of those stones.

In addition to amplifying energy, it also amplifies thought. Affirmations, wishes, or prayers can be stated and sent out with greater clarity.

It is known as the Master Healer and a stone of purity. All colors of light are stored within Clear Quartz Crystal. This is why tiny rainbows appear when a Crystal Quartz window ornament has a beam of light shine on it through a window.

Rudraksha Trees grow in the foothills of the Himalayas. Their seeds are used as Hindu, Buddhist, Ancient Japanese, Ancient Chinese and Sikh prayer beads. They have been used since the 10th century, and they symbolize purification of body, mind, and soul.

In Hindu, Rudraksha are said to be the tears of Lord Shiva, and which he cried after he saw the suffering of people on Earth. They were shed to heal ailments of the body and end sorrow in the mind and heart.

For thousands of years in India, yogis have worn Rudraksha Beads to experience the deep tranquility and concentration which are vital for meditation and control of mind and body. In China, Rudraksha is used to enhance the flow of Chi life energy in the body and balance Yin & Yang. The Zen Buddhist sect in Japan uses Rudraksha beads to induce deeper states of meditation.

In recent years, more people in India have begun wearing Rudraksha beads to combat the effects of stress: hypertension, depression, and high blood pressure. In the long term, Rudraksha beads are thought to reverse the effects of stress, alleviate depression, eliminate anxiety and other mood disorders, improve concentration, enhance relaxation, and exhibit anti-aging properties.

The benefits of Rudraksha beads have been known in Asia for ages and are well documented . Scientific studies were conducted in the 1960s to determine just how Rudraksha Healing works. More recently, (year 2000) one of the best known research papers was published by Dr. Suhas Roy of the Indian Institute of Technology in Banaras, India.

Dr. Roy's research confirmed that the healing powers of Rudraksha beads flow from their electro-magnetic properties. When Rudraksha beads are placed over the heart, they act to stabilize the heart beat. Similar to magnets, the beads work on the principle of Dynamic Polarity. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induce a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart region. Depending on the polarity and intensity of this induced magnetic field, Rudraksha beads transmit subtle electrical and inductive impulses with opposing polarity and intensity. Accordingly, a proportionate balancing force is exerted on the heart to regulate it if it starts beating above or below normal rates. This action helps to ensure ideal blood circulation in the body.

The human body is a complex bio-electronic circuit comprised of the Central Nervous System and the organs and functions it regulates. Streamlined blood flow has a powerful rejuvenating impact. In essence, Rudraksha beads help bring about the well-known "relaxation response" which is the ultimate goal of meditation, yoga, tai chi, biofeedback, and countless other Alternative Medicine methodologies.

Origin: India

Bracelet comes gift boxed. This bracelet measures 7" around, and the Quartz Crystal and Rudraksha seeds are approximately 8 mm in diameter.


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