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Natural Lapis Lazuli Pendant and Silver Toned Pewter Ankh Necklace Set

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This beautiful pendants and necklace set is designed to represent truth in life.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of the Third Eye Chakra. This represents insight, forgiveness, and an increase in intuition. It is dark blue in color, with pyrite lines and flecks within.

Lapis Lazuli has been prized for thousands of years. It was once thought to be more valuable than gold. Egyptians buried Lapis Lazuli Scarabs with pharoahs for protection.

It was thought by Ancient Greeks to be a precious Sapphire.

It has been prized as a stone of truth. Judges used to wear Lapis Lazuli Amulets in the belief that they would enable them to see clearly the truth, even in those who were not being honest.


The Ankh symbol can be seen on Ancient Egyptian art and pyramids, as well as tombs. It is the precursor to the Christian cross. It is a symbol that means "Life."

The loop at the top symbolizes the cycle of life. We are born, live, and then return to the place from where we came.

The loop at the top also represents the sun's journey throughout the day, rising, and setting, with the crossbar being the horizon.

Most tombs and hieroglyphs show Egyptian gods carrying or wearing Ankhs. Royals passed down Ankhs to their children.

This pendant measures 30 mm x 14 mm.

Wearing these two pendants together symbolzes "Truth" and "Life," giving the wearer an innate sense of truth in themselves, all people, and situations. Appreciating life for all that it holds.

This set also comes with an 18" necklace with clasp.

Set comes gift boxed.