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Natural Amethyst and Pewter Swallow Pendant & Necklace Set

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Amethyst is said to be one of the most spiritual of stones.

Thought to aid in meditation, it is a stone of spiritual healing and serenity. The color violet represents the third eye and crown chakras. This stone promotes a calmness and awareness necessary for a peaceful and harmonious life.

For more information on the Chakras, please visit:

The Swallow

The swallow is the symbol of objectivity and perspective.

Swallow rises above the minor annoyances and petty grievances in life, and always appreciates the whole picture. Swallow has a community view, and seeks the best for everyone, not just self or one person.

Swallow also displays grace and agility. She is able to change direction and adapt quickly to go with the flow. There are no obstacles in her world. She always finds a way.

The swallow pendant measures 3/4" or 18 mm long, by 1/2", or 15 mm wingspan. The Amethyst Pendants vary from 20-28 mm, some wider, some thinner. Each one is unique.

Pendants come gift boxed. A faux leather necklace with clasp is also included.