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Loving Intention Necklace Set

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This unique and beautiful necklace set features a large white metal circle pendant. Around the circle are intention words -- words to be brought into consciousness for the wearer. The inscribed words are, "hope, trust, love," and "dream." A natural Rose Quartz heart swings freely within the circle, suspended by a gold toned loop.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the "Love Stone." It is thought to stimulate the energy of the Heart Chakra. As a pendant, it is very close to the heart, and it promotes both self-worth, as well as love to all people in one's life.

It resonates a pink, peaceful vibration and has a calming and healing effect, dissolving resentment, anger, and sadness.

Rose Quartz and the heart shape symbolize love from within, which when strengthened, allows people to give and receive love, no matter what heartbreak they have experienced in their lives. It is only when you love yourself that you are fully able to love another person.

An open heart welcomes positivity, compassion, and forgiveness, which are all essential to true and lasting love.

Pendants come gift boxed. A vinyl ("vegan leather") cord necklace with clasp is also included. The circle is just under 1.5" in diameter. 

Whether as a graduation gift, a gift for someone going through a difficult time, or a gift for someone who inspires you, this set will touch both the heart and soul.