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Happiness in Your Life

Lotus Pendant - Stainless Steel Gold Toned

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The Lotus Flower begins in the deep, murky, muddy swamp floor. As a bud, it grows and reaches upward through the muck and then up through the waters to the surface.

Once at the surface, it opens and blooms to a beautiful Lotus Flower, with not a trace of the darkness or mud on its petals.

This is symbolic of struggles of life, making it through the mud and darkness and achieving the beauty of inner peace.

Without the mud, we would not have the Lotus. Without our struggles, we would not know our strength.

This gorgeous little gold toned Stainless Steel Lotus Pendant measures 3/4" across. Approximately the size of a US penny. It is laser cut and polished. Pendant comes on an 18" corded necklace with clasp, gift boxed.