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Lepidolite Pyramid Pendant

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Focus: Unconditional Love

Origin: India


Lepidolite is an uncommon stone, with a mix of violet and white colors. It is a stone of both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

It represents insight into one's self, as well as connection to the Universe.

Lepidolite is known as a transition stone. It is used mainly in awakening and developing an awareness of the soul, and of a person leaving the ego behind and connecting to their higher self.


When most people think of Pyramids, they think of Egypt and of tombs. There are pyramids all over the world; China, Mexico, South America, and many more places. These are also just the ones that have been discovered.

The Pyramid is an Ancient Symbol of Sacred Geometry. It's use is mainly for drawing and amplifying energy from the atmosphere and focusing it on one area.

One theory of the Pyramids in Egypt is that they were not tombs, but were Magnetic Energy Generators, and provided free and virtually unlimited power, unlike any that we see today.

The job of a Pyramid in a pendant, then, is to draw the energy of the stone in which it's fashioned, and focus that energy toward it's base, which rests on the wearer, slightly above the heart.

It has been said that what a person focuses on increases, and what they do not focus on, decreases. The Pyramid pendant alone will not increase the properties of the stone. It requires the wearer to be conscious of their thoughts, and then can assist in drawing and focusing that energy.

Each of these pendants are unique, as they are cut true to the stone. They measure approximately 1.5" or 30 mm each side. The metal is a mix of Silver and Copper, two highly conductive metals. They frame the pendant, allowing the stone to fully contact the wearer.