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Laughing Buddha Magnetic Hematite Pendant and Necklace

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This necklace measures 18" around, and has a magnetic closure.

The Laughing Buddha is the Buddha of happiness and prosperity. He is Bodhisattva Maitreya. He is a sign that abundance and prosperity are welcomed, and is representative of all of the good things in life; lots of good friends, food, and great times.

Magnetic Hematite is also known as Lodestone.

As it is a magnet, it attracts. The wearer will attract to him or herself love, stability, strength, and perspective. It is a stone which has two polarities, one grounding, and one etheric. As such, it aids in aligning the chakras, and also assists in strengthening intuition, visualizations, and dreams. The wearer of this jewelry should take extra care to think only positive thoughts, as all thoughts will become more powerful, and results will manifest more quickly.

Physically, magnetic hematite is a powerful help for circulation, acne, and skin ailments. It has also been made into bracelets which have aided sufferers of arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, circulatory and respiratory problems and high blood pressure. Though the reason for the benefit is not clearly known, it may be in part to just increased circulation, and the body naturally being able to heal itself faster.

This necklace then symbolically and physically represents a wearer who loves life, and welcomes joy and great experiences with open arms.

Necklace comes gift boxed.

* Note: The Buddha is magnetic hematite and the clasp is magnetic. The necklace beads are hematite but are not magnetic (else they would stick together and be very uncomfortable to wear). 

Please caution: Magnetic hematite is a powerful magnet source. Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by pregnant women, or by persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or any other necessary lifesaving devices without first obtaining the consent of their physician. Please keep this in mind for yourself and also for gifts. Also, when purchasing magnetic jewelry, you should first try the jewelry on when at home.

People react differently to magnets. Some hardly notice, but for others, the increase in circulation is so strong that they can feel slightly dizzy. Please make certain that you are aware of how magnets affect you before operating a motor vehicle or any other activity which requires your full attention. Please test first for a few hours to be certain. If the magnet is too strong, you may need to build up your circulation. Begin by wearing for ten minutes, then the next day, 15 minutes, the next 20 minutes, etc. Once you are aligned/used to the magnetic influence, you will not feel any effects aside from increased strength and clarity of mind.