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Inner Light Kyanite Star Pendant

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Focus: Inner Peace and Strength


Kyanite is a beautiful blue stone that embodies tranquility. It is a peaceful stone of emotional balance which assists with all of the chakras. To wear this stone over or near your heart is to awaken your inner calmness.  


The star embossed into this stainless steel pendant means strength at the core as it radiates outward. Steel is symbolic of power and strength. True strength is inner and unshakeable love, resilience, and stability. 

Each of these pendants are unique, with the Kyanite stone colors ranging from very light blue and clear to dark blue. The pendants measure approximately 1" in diameter, and the stones are 4 mm. The metal is stainless steel. 

Each pendant comes on a 22" stainless steel chain with clasp.

Pendant comes gift boxed.