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Incienso de Santa Fe

Incienso de Santa Fe Natural Woods Incense Bricks Gift Set

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Wonderful natural incense made in New Mexico, USA.

Sustainable and all natural.

This is a gift pack assortment, complete with:

  •  a gift box
  •  easy instructions
  •  70 bricks of incense
  •  a holder/burner. 

These woods can be used indoors or outside, low smoke and a pleasant, natural smell which turns your home into a serene, natural forest spa. 

Can be used for aromatherapy, as incense, or for smudging.

This set comes with 10 bricks each of: 

  1. Pinon: Mild aroma, this tree is common in Sedona, AZ. Used in Native American ceremonies to increase clairvoyance and to invite peace to the space.
  2. Cedar: Druids called it the Tree of Life. Used in ceremonies to create a sacred space.
  3. Juniper: Protective, guards against dishonesty and removes negative energy. Attracts good energy.
  4. Hickory: Wood for attracting abundance and prosperity.
  5. Alder: Wiccan usage for self-confidence and courage. Masculine Energy.
  6. Mesquite: Wood to attract love, positive dreams, nourishment and nurturing. Feminine Energy. 
  7. Fir Balsam: Grounding and calming, root chakra. Home, peace, and grounding energy.

Perfect for those who don't like artificial or heavy fragrances, or for a unique housewarming gift! 

 Box measures: 5.5" x 5.5" x 1". Incense bricks are 1" tall x 1/4" wide.

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