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Icosahedron Sacred Geometry Manifestation Pendant

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Origin: India

Sacred Geometry is an ancient study of the geometry of the entire Universe. From the tiniest formations, to entire galaxies, there are certain shapes which are repeated and connect everything.

The Icosahedron is one of five "Platonic Solids." The Platonic Solids together represent the entire geometry of creation.

The element of the Icosahedron is Water.

Water is one word, but it describes a substance without which no life could exist on earth. It changes shape and form and moves effortlessly about the world. It can be liquid, mist, rain, ice, hail, still like a pond or powerful and rushing like a waterfall or tsunami.

The Icosahedron shape of this pendant means to become like the water. Adapt, be still when necessary, move quickly when the time calls for it. Be solid like ice when needed. Flow easily and instantly around obstacles like a river around rocks. Trust in the Universe.

The Clear Quartz Crystal is the stone of the Crown Chakra. It represents our connection with the Universe. 

The small stone in the center of the pendant is a Garnet. The garnet represents the Root Chakra. The root chakra brings ideas into reality, dreams into physical form. 

The metal band which encircles the pendant is made from a mix of Copper and Silver. Two highly conductive metals, they serve to keep the energy moving rapidly.

This is an incredibly unique and powerful pendant. The sizes vary as they are true to the nature of the crystals. They are on average 1" in width. No two are exactly alike.

Pendant comes gift boxed.