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Hummingbird "dwell in possibilities" Keychain

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The hummingbird is an adorable, magical little bird. Until recently, physicists didn't really even understand how the flight of the hummingbird was possible. With their tiny little wings, they hover, dart forward and backward, and achieve flight and mobility much greater than birds with enormous wings.

The short answer to their flight ability is that they use what they've got to do the seemingly impossible.

Between inverting their wings, making use of the lift from their wing movement, rapid flapping, and a few aspects still not fully understood, they get it done. And they get it done with more beauty and grace than any other bird around. 

Emily Dickinson wrote a poem called "I dwell in possibility."

Hafiz is quoted as saying, "The words you speak become the house you live in."

To dwell means two things; to think over and over, and also to live in. 

What you think over and over, what you speak about over and over, these things become your beliefs and shape and create your world. 

Dwell in possibilities. 

Believe in magic and miracles, good fortune, and positive turns of luck. 

Believe in the good in people. Believe in brighter days ahead. 

Believe you deserve good things and welcome them into your life.

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Dwell in all of these things and appreciate every little good thing in your life right now. 

If life is difficult right now and there doesn't seem to be much hope, continue to dwell in possibilities and remember the hummingbird. Tiny with tiny wings, often not understood, getting it done with what they have, and doing it with more grace and magic than anyone else around.

Written By Doe Zantamata

Available in Copper Tone or Silver Tone metal keychain with hand poured resin dome.

Can also be worn as a pendant.

Handmade by Doe Zantamata, this Keychain comes in a soft burlap drawstring pouch and arrives gift boxed with a printed page of this back story.