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Product Image Happiness in Your Life Deluxe Book Set

Happiness in Your Life Deluxe Book Set

$ 69.95 $ 91.71

This is a collection of all of the Happiness in Your Life books by Doe Zantamata, plus the Poems book "Well Wishes Gift Set" plus a bonus book, "Improve Your Life in 80 Days"

The set includes the following books by Doe Zantamata: 

  1. Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma 
  2. Happiness in Your Life - Book Two: Intuition
  3. Happiness in Your Life - Book Three: Forgiveness
  4. Happiness in Your Life - Book Four: Trust
  5. Quotes About Living - A Collection of Quotes from the Happiness in Your Life Book Series
  6. "Well Wishes" Poems Gift Book Set - The Poems book, plus 2 inspirational magnets, and 3 postcard prints. 
  7. "Improve Your Life in 80 Days"

You will receive all 7 books plus the 2 magnets and 3 postcard prints for less than the price of 6 books! 

1. Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma,  by Doe Zantamata

Karma is a word often thought to mean a curse on people who do bad things, or a comfort to people who do good things and are yet to see any reward. 
Karma, however, is not a punishment and reward system. It is instead, based on understanding.
Happiness in Your Life - Book One: Karma provides an introduction to what karma is and what it is not. The 12 Laws of Karma are shared, and then those Laws are revisited in the final three sections; Karma and Relationships, Karma and Judgement, and Karma and the World. 

2. Happiness in Your Life - Book Two: Intuition, by Doe Zantamata

Intuition is a sense, just like any of your other senses. Most people know it only as a "gut feeling" or conscience, but it's much more than that.

Learning how to recognize and develop your intuition will allow you to use this sense throughout life, in both small and large decisions every day. This book is an essential guide to learning about types of intuition, hearing your inner voice, meditation, and ways you can use your intuition that will make your life easier and much more clear.


 3. Happiness in Your Life - Book Three: Forgiveness, by Doe Zantamata

Anyone can hold a grudge, but it takes a person with character to forgive. When you forgive, you release yourself from a painful burden. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was OK, and it doesn’t mean that person should still be welcome in your life. It just means you have made peace with the pain, and are ready to let it go.

Forgiveness is a word that’s so often misunderstood.

A lot of people who already have forgiven don’t realize they have, and many who don’t know what it is or how to do it hold on to so much pain throughout their lives unnecessarily. Forgiveness truly sets you free. In this book, you will learn what forgiveness really is, how to do it, levels of forgiveness, and so much more valuable information on how to truly “let go,” not just in wishes and words, but in mind and heart.


4. Happiness in Your Life - Book Four: Trust, by Doe Zantamata 


Trust is amazing, and is the basis of deep connection.

Trust begins to be formed in childhood; how we interact with our parents and siblings, how we see our parents interact with each other, with us, and with other people.

Children are so very perceptive and learn very young from what they witness. They learn the dynamics of trust and truth and how they are expected to use or misuse them in order to be a good person or to get what they want.

We do have a lot more trust in other people and in this world than we realize. It’s so critical to the smooth operation of society and relationships. With it, connection can form, deepen, and grow. Without it, drama and instability become a part of daily life, with even the simplest of misunderstandings turning into a tidal wave of angry emotion.

The good news is, trust can be rebuilt. It begins with you.

5. Quotes About Living - A Collection of Quotes from the Happiness in Your Life Book Series, by Doe Zantamata

Quotes About Living is a collection of quotes from The Happiness in Your Life book series.

The series is consists of twelve books:

1. Karma

2. Intuition

3. Forgiveness

4. Trust

5. Appreciation

6. Love

7. Thoughts and Words

8. Power

9. Time

10. Faith

11. Self-Worth

12. Happiness

They were written with the intention to help inspire you to think about the events and challenges in your life.

Each life brings with it suffering and struggle, joy and love. Within them all, there is a great deal to be learned. No one knows more than you what is best for your life and for your soul. Within the books are tools and insights to better allow you to live more empowered, authentically, and with happiness in your life.

6. "Well Wishes" Poems Book Gift Set 

The "Well Wishes" Poems Book Gift Set is the perfect gift! In addition to the Poems book, they will also receive 2 inspirational fridge magnets and 3 inspirational postcard prints to inspire them and remind them that you are always in their corner, rooting for their success and wellbeing.

7. "Improve Your Life in 80 Days," by Doe Zantamata

How would you like to improve your life in just 80 days?

This guide will give you one insight per day to do just that.

You don't need any tools, money, or special equipment.

Just a few minutes per day to look into your own mind and life and you will transform it from the inside out.


Also, this set ships free within the USA! 

**Please include the name of the person you would like the books signed to in the notes if you would like them personalized. 



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