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Cultivating Forgiveness

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Cultivating Forgiveness with Doe Zantamata

One-on-one instruction on how to move through the true forgiveness process with Doe Zantamata. 


In these sessions, you will work directly with Doe to learn and move through the steps of forgiveness, for self and for others. This has nothing to do with reconciliation, but only of releasing pain from within and reclaiming your empowerment for your present and future life.

Cultivating Forgiveness is not counseling or therapy. It is akin to Life Coaching, and deals with the present and goals for the future. 

Doe has been immersed in forgiveness actualization for the past 25 years. She has developed her own methods of releasing past pain and resentment and reclaiming freedom and happiness through true forgiveness. She wrote a book on Forgiveness titled, "Happiness in Your Life - Book Three: Forgiveness" that has the process detailed in it. With one-on-one sessions, you are guided through the process and encouraged along the way.

This is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and is not, nor should not be done in place of medical or professional advice or therapy. 

Sessions are conducted by Google Meet, or if you prefer, your choice of Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger Video or Call, or phone call within the USA. Follow up notes and exercises will be sent by email after our meeting. 

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length, and are held at a mutually agreeable time. 

Packages are available as well. 


1 session: $121.00 USD

Package of 3 sessions: $300.00 USD

Once weekly for 3 months (12 sessions): $1000.00

Please email  for any questions. Once payment has been received, a time will be arranged via email. For multi-session booking, you can request the same time every week for consistency.