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Doe Joe

DoeJoe Brand Compass Blend Coffee

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Compass Blend

Coffee from 5 Continents; one exceptionally smooth, perfectly balanced blend.

Compass Coffee comes in two sizes; an 8 oz bag (half pound) or 12 ounce bag

in your choice of roast:

1. Smooth, mellow medium roast, or

2. Strong, bold dark roast

Compass is made up of 5 unique coffees: 

  • North America - Mexican Chiapas
  • South America - Peru Cooperative
  • Africa - Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro Peaberry
  • Asia - Sumatra Mandheling
  • Oceania - Papua New Guinea


Start each day with an adventure in your cup!

Extraordinary coffee from the jungles of Peru, to the high mountains of Africa, Ancient Mayan sites of Mexico, and rounded off with the island paradises of Papua New Guinea and Sumatra.

Your coffee is a special blend like no other.

From small family farms, using only pesticide and herbicide-free farming, you are bringing prosperity to so many villages and people.

Roasted fresh daily in small batches in Central Florida. Taste the depth and smoothness in the complex blend that is Compass.

Created and blended by Doe Zantamata.

Ground for drip coffeemakers.

The coffees in this blend were chosen for their unique properties, geographical locations, and how well they blended together. 

Each one is fair trade, grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. They are grown by small farms and small farming co-ops which support the local villages and provide a sustainable, safe income for so many people. 

More about the coffees in this blend: 

1. Mexican Chiapas

Chiapas is located in Southern Mexico and has ideal coffee growing conditions. Located within the area are many Ancient Mayan Sites. 

The climate and heavy rains, along with the volcanic soil give rise to rich coffee with a unique intensity. Slightly nutty and very smooth.


2. Peru Cooperative

Peruvian coffee is known for its creaminess. Grown in the Amazon Jungle at high elevation, farms as small as a few hectares and passed down from generation to generation reflect a love and respect for the land, family, and the coffee. 


3. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Peaberry

Africa is known for earthy, deep, and complex coffees. Mount Kilimanjaro is the largest freestanding mountain in the world and is symbolic of personal power. This coffee is grown on the side of the mountain at high elevation, hand picked and selected with care.  

The peaberry is even more special. Coffee berries are normally large and split into two. Peaberries occur naturally and are the twin flames of coffee; the bean does not split but is maintained as one. They are smaller in size and sweeter in flavor than the large split berries. Peaberries account for only 5% of the coffee crop and are hand sorted and separated.


4. Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra in Southeast Asia is a beautiful island paradise. This coffee is some of the smoothest and lowest acid of all of the coffees on the market today. Traditional growing methods and environmentally conscious practices are essential to the success and sustainability of this amazing coffee.


5. Papua New Guinea

Located just North of Australia, Papua New Guinea is an island of biological diversity and beautiful weather. Coffee has been grown here since 1927. The original seedlings were from Jamaican Blue Mountain. Ocean air and unique soil to the island give this coffee a taste that is different than anywhere else in the world. It has a naturally slightly fruity taste, almost like mango coffee.

Together, these amazing coffees combine synergistically to create a coffee that is incredibly smooth, rich, and deep.

It's not like anything else in the world, and is only available here.