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Shiva Nirvana Jewelry and Gifts

Choose to see... - Original Mixed Media mini canvas Painting by Doe Zantamata

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"Choose to see the world through grateful will never look the same way again."

-Doe Zantamata  

Some people can find lack or things wrong with even the most abundant and amazing surroundings. Maybe they're just pessimistic or maybe they want but don't believe things can ever truly be well.

When you choose gratitude, and choose and choose it again, you will see beauty in the ordinary, you'll find the gold where others only see rocks, and you'll go through life a lot happier -- in the ups and in the downs. 

A gold heart forms in the center of an "ordinary" tied piece of string. Floating along in life, it can easily be appreciated by those who see it, and invisible to those who don't.

This is an original mixed media and acrylic painting on canvas by Doe Zantamata. 

Signed and titled on the back. 

Size: 3 inches x 4 inches

Comes gift boxed. Mini Easel also included. 

Only 1 available.