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Chakra 7 Natural Tumbled Gemstones Meditation Set

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Origin: India


Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body.

Each represents a different aspect of our being. If a Chakra is blocked or weak, it is due to a limiting or destructive thought pattern in the body.

When all Chakras are strong and open, health, confidence, success, love, and all positive aspects of being are in harmony.

Certain stones correspond to the Chakra energy centers. The gemstones in this set each enhance one of the Chakras:

1. Root Chakra - Red -
Grounding, Body - Red Jasper

2. Sacral Chakra -Orange-
Relationships, Sexual, Emotional - Carnelian

3. Solar Plexus Chakra -Yellow-
Power, Confidence - Golden Quartz

4. Heart Chakra -Green or Pink
Unconditional Love, Self-Worth - Rose Quartz

5. Throat Chakra -Blue-
Communication, Creativity - Sodalite

6. Third Eye Chakra -Purple-
Intuition, Awareness - Amethyst

7. Crown Chakra -White-
Consciousness, Connection to the Universe and Afterlife - Crystal Quartz

Using meditation stones placed over the Chakras aligns the energy centers. If there is a weak area, it will be felt physically, and attention to feelings with the Chakras meaning should be addressed.

The easiest way to meditate with these stones is to lie down on a bed or couch, under a sheet. Place each of the stones over their chakra, starting with the Root Chakra, and place the Crown Chakra Crystal just above your head.

Close your eyes and just breathe. Starting with the Root Chakra, imagine a spinning wheel of red light surrounding the stone. Move up through each of the Chakras, imagining an Orange, then Yellow, then Green, then Blue, then Purple, and finally White light spinning at the Crown Chakra. Once you go through each, you'll find that you've become very relaxed.

If one area or more than one area you have trouble imagining the spinning light, this could mean that there's a weakness or block in that chakra. Go back to any that you do not imagine vividly, and refocus on them individually.

Allow 20 minutes or so for this meditation. If you have trouble falling asleep, this meditation will help still your mind and put you into a relaxed state. You may even find that you've fallen asleep after doing it. This is perfectly OK!

For a shorter meditation, reach into the pouch and feel through the stones until you feel one that seems to be a little different from the others. Take it out. Whichever color stone it is, use that one for a meditation. Either sitting or lying down, close your eyes and picture a spinning wheel of light in that stone. You can hold the stone in your hands or place it on your forehead if lying down. This only takes a few minutes, but will briefly take you to that quiet space in your mind.

The point of any meditation is to briefly leave the noise of the world and turn inward, entering a peaceful space within yourself. Entering this space once a day will center you, allow for creativity, and help to heal your body of stresses. Though we're all busy, giving yourself this time each day will make you more productive and positive in your waking hours, as well as increase the quality of your sleep at night.

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This set comes with a black velvet drawstring pouch. The Gemstones vary in size and shape, but each one is approximately 0.75" in diamter or wide.