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Happiness in Your Life

Bear African Turquoise Earrings

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Bear African Turquoise Earrings

Sterling Silver Hooks lead to a natural African Turquoise Stone, and dangling below is a Bear charm. 

Bear encourages you to be strong and firm, yet loving. Rest when needed. Nurture those you love, take care of yourself, and know that you are a powerful being, but use that power wisely. Recognize when you are intending to keep the peace, but really just shying away from resolving conflict that has already been instigated and will only increase if not addressed. 

African Turquoise is a stone of truth in communication and returning to our core roots. A stone of the throat chakra, it encourages a return to self and expression of your own wants, needs, and desires with confidence. 

Perfect for those who have attempted to stay silent in order to try and keep others happy, only to find that as the patterns unfold, no one is happy. Speaking from love, with crystal clear boundaries and honesty. It takes more courage when you don't acknowledge your own power. When you realize your own value, your confidence instantly transfers to your voice.

African Turquoise beads are 4 mm diameter, Bear charms are made of white metal and are 12 mm long x 8 mm tall. Lightweight. Earrings come gift boxed and include small rubber backings. 

Jewelry by Doe Zantamata. Unique expressions of you.