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Happiness in Your Life

Acorn and Tiger Eye Stone Earrings

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Spirit Jewelry Collection - Acorn and Tiger Eye Stone  Earrings

Sterling Silver Hooks lead to a natural Tiger Eye Stone, and dangling below is a tiny acorn charm. 

The Acorn is a symbol of the starting point of the Great Oak Tree. Every towering oak was once an acorn. Starting from such a tiny place, it hardly seems possible that it could grow for decades and become several stories tall, but it does. It did not grow overnight, but it did grow. Through sun and storms, winter and summer. Sometimes more slowly, sometimes a little faster, with roots deep into the ground, drawing nutrients from the soil and up throughout its entire being. 

Tiger Eye Stone is a natural stone that has a variety of hues, from golden to deep, dark brown. Yellow is the color of the solar plexus Chakra, action and doing rather than always wishing and waiting for conditions to be just perfect. Releasing fears and limitations that only hold you back.

These earrings represent having the courage to grow. To face your shadows and transmute them into the best version of you. Not all at once, but over time with consistent daily efforts to grow into your full potential. It may not seem possible, but with persistent time and effort, it will become a reality.

Tiger Eye beads are 4 mm in diameter, Acorn charms are made of white metal and are 5 mm in length. Lightweight. Earrings come gift boxed and include small rubber backings. 

Spirit Jewelry by Doe Zantamata. Unique expressions of you.