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Product Image Triquetra Pewter Pendant

Triquetra Pewter Pendant

$ 9.95

The Triquetra is also known as The Celtic Triangle, or the Trinity Knot. It can be represented as having three points, or three points within three points as in this pendant.

The Triquetra represents The Earth, Sea, and Sky.

It also represents Mind, Body, and Soul.

The Triquetra is formed from a line unbroken, signifying that these three things are actually all one.

The 6 point Triquetra is composed of two interlocking triangles, signifying that our mind, body, and soul are connected and intertwined with the earth, sea, and sky.

Worn alone or with a crystal or gemstone, the Triquetra reminds us that we are all part of something greater, and that there is something greater within all of us.

This symbol is also used in Christianity to represent the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, and in Paganism to symbolize Life, Death, and Rebirth.

This pendant is approximately 3/4" wide and tall, or 20 mm.

Pendant comes gift boxed.