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Product Image Tibetan 7-eyes dZi Bead, 3 eyes dZi beads, and Black Agate Bracelet

Tibetan 7-eyes dZi Bead, 3 eyes dZi beads, and Black Agate Bracelet

$ 34.95

Tibetan dZi beads have a history thousands of years old. There are many types of dZi beads, each with different symbols. The beads may be combined with other dZi beads on a necklace or bracelet, or combined with complimentary gemstones. 

The 7 eyes dZi bead represents the seven stars of the big dipper, which the Tibetans believe are the manifestations of the 7 medicine buddhas. From within, a person can achieve Success, Health, Wealth, Longevity, Relationship, Longevity and Harmony. The 7 eyes dZi bead help the owner achieve all these things. Harmony is the most important, as it balances time between the other 6. If not in harmony, one aspect can have not enough time, while the other has more than enough for achievement.

The 3 eyes dZi beads represent creativity and wisdom. The three eyes represent body, mind, and health. The three eye bead is the symbol of wealth is Tibet, not only in money, but in all of those three areas. 

The black agate beads absorb negative energy. This also makes choices in life that would not be fruitful much less attractive, and allows the good ones to stand out.

Origin: Tibet

Bracelet comes gift boxed. This bracelet measures 7" around, and is on an elastic cord.