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Product Image Sterling Silver and Brass Harmony Ball Earrings

Sterling Silver and Brass Harmony Ball Earrings

$ 39.95

The Harmony Ball originates in Bali. It is traditionally used for calming and relaxation. Inside the ball is a tiny bell, which chimes when in motion. The chime is quiet, but perceptible. They are also called Chiming Spheres and were used in Ancient Celtic traditions to clear negative energy in a place.

These Harmony Ball earrings are brass balls, surrounded by a lattice of sterling silver. Brass is a metal that has been used for money, helmets, musical instruments, and clocks. It represents usefulness, adaptability, and strength.

The lattice design is found many places in nature, from a spider’s web to a honeycomb. It represents strength, flexibility, and efficient effort, “working smarter, not “harder.”

Harmony Ball earrings are perfect for important meetings, exams, or any other appointments which may cause stressful feelings to emerge, including certain work environments. They remind the wearer to stay in the moment and relax, and they will do well no matter what the task.


Origin: Bali

These earrings come gift boxed. They weigh 7.5 grams and are 10 mm, or 0.4" in diameter.