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Product Image Social Media Consulting with Doe Zantamata

Social Media Consulting with Doe Zantamata

$ 300.00


The world of blogs, website, and social media can seem like a daunting place. Lots of online courses claim to fast track you to success but sometimes just fast track their way to your credit cards. 

But if you're a budding author, artist, or entrepreneur, you really would benefit in so many ways by having a clear, attractive online presence.

Doe Zantamata began Happiness in Your Life on Facebook in April 2011. Within two years, it had grown a following of over 1 million people, and now has over 4 million. This was done with no advertising, no connections, no celebrity, no marketing expertise, but a lot of heart and determination to learn and keep at it every single day.

In the 7 years since then, Doe has started several blogs, opened an online shop, and learned so much in so many areas. The value of this consulting is 7 years of daily focus, attention, and effort. Anyone could learn it, but if you'd like to save 7 years, this is for you.

What's included: 

- Analysis of your situation - whether you already have an online presence or are just curious and don't quite know where to start.

- 60 minute video chat or phone call with Doe Zantamata

- Follow up email with links for resources, reiteration of tips and strategies for your blog, website, and social media pages.

After your payment is processed, you will be contacted via email by Doe to begin the process within 24-48 hours. The call with be arranged at a mutually agreeable time within one week. If your account email is different than the email you'd like to be contacted at, please indicate that in a note on your order. 




Note / Legal Disclaimer: The advice given in Social Media Consulting is not professional advice, nor a substitute for professional advice such as medical, legal, psychiatric, or other. No claims are made for earnings, revenue, success, or lack thereof. It should be considered in the same realm as wise counsel from a friend, or just another opinion. By signing up for Social Media Consulting you agree that you understand this and will not hold liable Doe Zantamata or any companies herein for damages incurred as a result of acting on the coaching. Doe is not a mental health counselor, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or any type of accredited advisor and makes no claims as such.