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Product Image Nudges... - Original Mixed Media mini canvas Painting by Doe Zantamata

Nudges... - Original Mixed Media mini canvas Painting by Doe Zantamata

$ 35.00

"If you can't go in leaps and bounds, then go in baby steps and nudges. But keep moving forward."

-Doe Zantamata

Moving forward, especially when you're young, can be pretty easy. Filled with optimism and not aware of all the pitfalls, you can bound ahead. When you've lived a portion of life, it's not really that easy. You know what it's like to be betrayed. You know what it's like to fail. To be stung. To "waste" time believing. So moving forward can be much harder. You've got to get yourself motivated to push past discouragement and doubt. You can do this. It may be much slower than before. You may have to rest a lot more often. You may have times when you need to just be still and process. But as long as you're determined, you can keep moving forward. Even if it's inch by inch at times, forward is still forward. 

A little grasshopper rests in the grass on a sunny day. Grasshoppers are symbolic of moving forward...whether in baby steps or giant leaps. They're also a symbol of luck in some cultures.

This is an original mixed media and acrylic painting on canvas by Doe Zantamata. Signed and titled on the back. 

Size: 3 inches x 4 inches

Comes gift boxed. Mini Easel also included. 

Only 1 available.