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Product Image Karma Coaching with Doe Zantamata

Karma Coaching with Doe Zantamata

$ 175.00

Do you feel like you're a good person and do good but somehow, for some reason, you're still ending up in a repeating pattern that hurts you or makes you feel limited and small? 

Karma Coaching will help you to discover where it is you're making the wrong turn.

Life's lessons will keep repeating until we learn them. 

So, while it may be true that you have only the best intentions, there may be something that's been a habit for so long that you just can't see it objectively. 

It could be at work, in relationships, or with friends...or even with yourself. For example, starting a new relationship and it seems great but within a few months it's almost an exact replica of one that you were unhappy with in the past which was an exact replica of the one before that which also caused a lot of pain.

Before you give up and think that "all women" or "all men" must be a certain way, look within.

There may be something or some things that you're doing unintentionally that recreate that relationship with different names and faces, or even some things that were passed down to you generationally. 

Or it may be work...no matter what job or type of job you start, it turns out with you feeling the same way; unappreciated, overworked, undervalued, or responsible for everything and everyone there. 

Identifying patterns isn't meant to blame you for everything that is going on or for how dismal certain situations can be. People are who they are and that isn't anything that's in your control. But if you notice a pattern with almost all of your past relationships, knowing what your role is in selecting them and contributing to their creation can help you to free yourself from them happening again. Not all at once, and not a 100% reversal, but change takes time and awareness. Without either, change just can't occur.


What's included: 

- Analysis of your situation

- 45 minute video chat or phone call with Doe Zantamata

- Follow up customized PDF guide to your limiting pattern and practical steps on how to change it

- Custom affirmations and meditation for releasing the old pattern and for stepping into the new one with confidence and joy

After your payment is processed, you will be contacted via email by Doe to begin the process within 24-48 hours. The call with be arranged at a mutually agreeable time within one week. If your account email is different than the email you'd like to be contacted at, please indicate that in a note on your order. 




Note / Legal Disclaimer: The advice given in Karma Coaching is not professional advice, nor a substitute for professional advice such as medical, legal, psychiatric, or other. It should be considered in the same realm as astrology, wise counsel from a friend, or just another opinion. By signing up for Karma Coaching, you agree that you understand this and will not hold liable Doe Zantamata or any companies herein for damages incurred as a result of acting on the coaching. Doe is not a mental health counselor, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or any type of accredited advisor and makes no claims as such.