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"Heightened Intuition" Moonstone Necklace and Amethyst Bracelet Set

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The "Heightened Intuition" set combines the magic of natural Indian Moonstone with the depth of Amethyst. 

Moonstone Conductor Pendant

Origin: India

Focus: Calm enhancement to intuition and inner peace.

Indian Moonstone is White and Opaque, with great detail and flash striations throughout. It is a Natural Stone, and is representative of the Crown Chakra.

The Crown Chakra governs our connection with The Universe, with Source Energy, with God. This is the Chakra which needs to be especially strong when all else in our lives seems to be failing. When it is weak, we feel loss, or like victims. When it is strong, as are we, and we know there is a much greater plan in place. We just need to keep the faith that everything will get better, and trust fully in the Universe.

The stone itself is free to move within the cage, allowing the energy of the stone to be unrestricted. Indian Moonstone may enhance meditation and is feminine in energy, connected to nurturing, reflection, and emotions. 

The metal cage which encircles the pendant is made from a mix of Copper and Silver. Two highly conductive metals, they serve to keep the energy moving rapidly.

The sizes and shapes vary as they are true to the nature of the stones. The stones are on average 1" x 0.5".  No two are exactly alike.

A black cord necklace with clasp is also included.

Amethyst Bracelet

Origin: India

Amethyst is said to be one of the most spiritual of stones. Thought to aid in meditation, it is a stone of spiritual healing and serenity. The color violet represents the third eye and crown chakras. This stone promotes a calmness and awareness necessary for a peaceful and harmonious life. 

$40.00 if purchased separately.

Set comes gift boxed.