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Product Image "Time to Bloom" Amulet by Doe Zantamata

"Time to Bloom" Amulet by Doe Zantamata

$ 35.00

Stone: Amethyst

Background: White flower on Blue 

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual of stones. Thought to aid in meditation, it is a stone of spiritual healing and serenity. The color violet represents the third eye and crown chakras. This stone promotes a calmness and awareness necessary for a peaceful and harmonious life. 

White is the Crown Chakra, connection with the Divine. The flower is the result of all of the struggle and growth in life, the sweet bloom that took so long to become. Blue symbolizes the Throat Chakra, or, honest communication.

Together, these are a mantra for realizing all you have been through in life has had purpose, to bring you to where you are right here, right now. And now it's your time to bloom.

One of a kind, original hand painted amulets by Doe Zantamata.

These unique pieces combine a background painting with one or several natural semi-precious stones to create a personal mantra in symbolism, colors, and stone properties. Resembling rocks in a river, each piece is carefully encased in resin and cured to create a long lasting setting and finish.

No two are alike. Each one is designed, painted, assembled, and finished by Doe.

Each comes with a corded necklace with clasp and a detailed description of the meaning behind it and what it represents. 

Size: 1" diameter circle

Materials: Natural gemstones, metal pendant, resin pour filled.