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Product Image Sterling Silver Amethyst and Opalite Moonstone Raindrop Earrings

Sterling Silver Amethyst and Opalite Moonstone Raindrop Earrings

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The raindrop is the symbol of purity, water from the sky which nourishes all that grows on the Earth. Some associate rain with gloom, but that is not the case at all. If every day were sunny, the plants would dry up and die. The rain is necessary for growth, just as much as the sun.

Opalite Moonstone is iridescent like the moon, and is a balancing stone. It is calming and has to do with the cycles, breathing in and out, the ebb and flow of the tide.

Amethyst is said to be one of the most spiritual of stones. Thought to aid in meditation, it is a stone of spiritual healing and optimism. The color violet represents the crown chakra, or gateway to the third eye. This stone promotes a calmness and awareness necessary for a peaceful and harmonious life.

The wearer of these earrings is one who balances work with play, talk with listening, and work with rest. The key to inner peace lies not in extremes, but in balance.

These earrings measure 26 mm long x 12 mm wide, or approximately 1" long by 0.4" wide, not including the hook.

These earrings come gift boxed.  

Origin: Bali