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Tibetan Glass Nectar dZi bead with Red Aventurine and Black Glass Bracelet

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Tibetan dZi beads have a history thousands of years old. There are many types of dZi beads, each with different symbols. The beads may be combined with other dZi beads on a necklace or bracelet, or combined with complementary gemstones.

This bracelet has one Nectar dZi bead, two Red Aventurine beads, and the rest of the bracelet is made of Black Glass.

The symbol on the dZi bead is a Nectar Bottle. This is a symbol of having and enjoying life’s nectar, or, the “milk and honey,” good things in life. Sweet rewards. The nectar symbol makes the right path more visible, and very easy to see.

Aventurine means “by chance,” which may also be why it’s similar to the word adventure.

Sometimes, heading out in a direction that feels right is the best course for success in life, in both relationships and career. Red Aventurine is thought to help lessen negative thoughts and also to lessen indecisiveness, and increase courage.

Feel more, think less.

Red is associated with the Root Chakra, which is the base chakra and is responsible for bringing ideas and wishes into the physical world. A person with a weak or closed Root Chakra may have all the best intentions and ideas, but they can never really seem to make things happen or materialize.

The wearer must still welcome this good fortune, and not doubt or question it for seeming “too easy.” Over time, some of us get accustomed to the habit of working really hard for little reward. This becomes the expectation by habit. By being skeptical of things that seem too good to be true, we will push them away just as quickly as they appeared. We need to clear that skepticism and welcome good fortune into our lives.

The black beads are symbolic of absorbing negative energy. This also makes choices in life that would not be fruitful much less attractive, and allows the good ones to stand out.

Origin: Tibet

Bracelet comes gift boxed. This bracelet measures 7" around, and the beads are approximately 8 mm in diameter.