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Product Image Chakra Positivity Bracelets 7 Natural Gemstones

Chakra Positivity Bracelets 7 Natural Gemstones

$ 19.95

Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body.

Each represents a different aspect of our being. If a Chakra is blocked or weak, it is due to a limiting or destructive thought pattern in the body.

When all Chakras are strong and open, health, confidence, success, love, and all positive aspects of being are in harmony.

Certain stones correspond to the Chakra energy centers.

The gemstones in this bracelet each enhance one of the Chakras:

1. Root Chakra - Red -
Grounding, Body - Red Jasper

2. Sacral Chakra -Orange-
Relationships, Sexual, Emotional - Carnelian

3. Solar Plexus Chakra -Yellow-
Power, Confidence - Yellow Aventurine

4. Heart Chakra -Green-
Unconditional Love, Self-Worth - Green Aventurine
(can also use Rose Quartz)

5. Throat Chakra -Blue-
Communication, Creativity - Blue Agate

6. Third Eye Chakra -Purple-
Intuition, Awareness - Amethyst

7. Crown Chakra -White-
Consciousness, Connection to the Universe and Afterlife - Amethyst (Can also use Crystal Quartz)

The amethyst is used for both the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, and one additional stone is used in the position of the Third Eye, or the mind. This is the Black Onyx.

The Black onyx is normally associated with the Root Chakra.

In this bracelet, it is used for it's other healing properties. The Black Onyx absorbs negative energy and converts it into positive energy. When used with the mind, one becomes the master of their own destiny. Strength, stamina, endurance, and power are all associated with this stone. Allows for change and detachment, as well as self-control and wise choices and decisions.

Wearing a bracelet or pendant with all of the stones, or using meditation stones placed over the Chakras aligns the energy centers. If there is a weak area, it will be felt physically, and attention to feelings with the Chakras meaning should be addressed.

Origin: India

Bracelet comes gift boxed. This bracelet measures 7" around on an elastic cord, and the stones are approximately 8 mm in diameter.